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Chaman Ganj, Kanpur Kanpur ifsc code

The State Bank Of India ifsc code of Chaman Ganj, Kanpur is SBIN0008049

The Chaman Ganj, Kanpur Kanpur branch of State Bank Of India is situated at 105207,Chamanganj,Kanpur.Pin.0. The magnetic ink character recognition code (Micr) is 208002008 and area branch code is 8049. We have tried to keep this as accurate and updated as possible, in case of any errors please contact us with the relevant information.

Branch details
Branch NameChaman Ganj, Kanpur
Bank NameState Bank Of India
Branch Code8049
Micr Code208002008
Ifsc CodeSBIN0008049
Bank WebsiteState Bank Of India Website

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Source of data

We have sourced the database from Reserve Bank of India website as of Jan 2013, hence this database is accurate and valid. In case there are some discrepancies do email us at contact[at]allindiacodes[dot]com


What is an ifsc code?
The IFSC code (also known as Indian Financial System Code) is a 11-digit unique code that identifies individual Indian bank branches. This code is used by the bank branches to participate in the two main electronic fund transfer systems created by the Reserve Bank of India i.e. NEFT and RTGS. Though some smaller bank branches yet dont have an IFSC code. The first four characters represent the participating bank, the fifth character is 0 and the remaining characters represent the individual bank branch.

What is micr code?
The MICR code (also know as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) is a 9-digit code used by banks for automated cheque clearing. This code is printed on cheque leafs and used by micr reading machines to automatically scan the code. The first three digits represent the city code, the next three digits represent the bank code, and the last three digits represent the bank branch code.